What’s Bennett up to these days?

First and foremost I’m doing family stuff. I’m a father now to two lovely girls. And I’m a ‘husband’ — not legally but it’s much easier to describe myself that way than to use terms like ‘de facto’. Home life is hectic but rewarding.

Professionally, I’m working as a Corporate Counsel at the Silver Chain Group. I’m also trying to do more writing and tinkering with a range of side-projects. I’m 90% of my way through my MBA at the University of Western Australia. It has been good — but expensive. I’m not sure if I would recommend it to others.

I do a lot of reading on topics such as value investing, entrepreneurship, new apps and gadgetry. I also like to follow the world of mental models and making better decisions - although I’m not very good at implementing any of it.

I have invested a small sum of money and  occasionally try to do things to turn it into a larger amount of money. So far I’ve only been successful at doing the reverse.

I suppose the last update of note is that in 2019 I got a bit sick and had to go into hospital. I spent some time in the intensive care ward and came out with type 1 diabetes. It’s a chronic condition and not a huge amount of fun - but it could have been a lot worse. So I’m learning a lot about food, carbs, insulin, and pancreases. That kind of stuff. It keeps me busy.