B5L Issue #056 -- Confidence sunk; radical heatwaves

The 56th issue of Bennett's Five Links.

I remember in my early days at university, I would hand out flyers for social clubs. To complete strangers. As they were walking by going about their days. I would interrupt what they were doing and invite them to be a part of whatever social group I was enjoying at that time. I would talk to them about what I enjoyed about the groups, about the fun we were having, and suggest these strangers might like to join and have fun with us.
I cringe to think of it now but it’s hard to argue with results - I had a lot more friends back then.
Being young is a superpower.
My confidence also came from the fact that I was pretty sure I would never see those strangers again. Or, if I did see them, they wouldn’t remember me and my annoying-but-sincere invitation to become friends. I was secure in the knowledge that people have a lot of things going on in their lives, and they are mostly self-absorbed. I trusted that, after I had interrupted them, they would continue on their merry way and immediately forget about me.
I don’t have that confidence anymore. I wonder if it’s the Internet. People are still self-absorbed, but now Google and social media makes us feel as though all interactions are more permanent?
Not sure.
Whatever the reason, I’ve lost my superpower.

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Bennett Green

Bennett Green

Perth, Australia