B5L Issue #055 -- Vices and Advices

The 55th issue of Bennett's Five Links.

I don’t think I have a problem with alcohol. Which is a funny way to open, but was the sentiment banging down the door to the back of my mind while reading this post by Cams Campbell, on his feelings upon reaching 6000 days without a drink.
I loved his post for so many reasons. For one, 6000 days - what an achievement. Well done. Two, I loved that he hand-wrote the post. Three, he provided a suggested soundtrack to go with his handwriting.
But four, I got the sense that, even after having been off alcohol for longer than his son had been alive, and seemingly having overcome his addiction and ‘made it’, there was still a sense that he is a work in progress. As though the addiction was just one part of a wider patchwork.
While I don’t think I have a problem with alcohol, that sense of — I don’t know what to call it, is it discontent? — struck a chord with me.

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Bennett Green

Bennett Green

Perth, Australia